descriptionAnonymous, Encrypted BitTorrent
ownerAnomos Liberty Enhancements
last changeSat, 11 Sep 2010 19:01:22 +0000 (15:01 -0400)
2010-09-11 John M. Schanckhousekeeping master testing anomos-1.0.0rc1
2010-09-04 John M. SchanckNMSim: attack sim
2010-09-04 John M. SchanckNetworkModel testing script
2010-09-02 John M. SchanckFixed 4e6f issue
2010-09-01 Rich JonesWin staticon padding is now a python inspired 4 spaces...
2010-09-01 John M. SchanckAnother unicode fix
2010-09-01 John M. SchanckM2Crypto unicode hack
2010-09-01 John M. SchanckFixed cyclic path (4e6f?) issue
2010-09-01 Rich JonesMerge branch 'testing' of ssh://
2010-09-01 Rich JonesUnicodify some Crypto stuff, but reveals more serious...
2010-09-01 Rich JonesWell, getting rid of Venster works for now, though...
2010-09-01 Rich JonesTypo, sorry. Getting back into the swing of things
2010-09-01 Rich JonesUnclever solution to Venster dep - don't use venster...
2010-08-26 John M. SchanckWhoops, have to be careful about calling end_stream
2010-08-26 John M. SchanckSimplified relayer and endpoint shutdown routines
2010-08-26 John M. SchanckClose unforwardable streams rather than timing them out
6 years ago anomos-1.0.0rc1 Anomos 1.0 Release Candidate 1
7 years ago anomos-0.9.2 Anomos-0.9.2 Beta
7 years ago anomos-0.9.1 Anomos 0.9.1beta
7 years ago anomos-0.9.0 Anomos 0.9beta
8 years ago anomos-0.5.1 Anomos Beta rev.2
8 years ago anomos-0.5.0 Anomos Beta rev.1
8 years ago anomos-0.1.0 Anomos beta release
6 years ago testing
6 years ago master
7 years ago twobytenid